What is an activator gun?

An activator gun is a small hand-held device used by many innovative chiropractors in order to deliver targeted treatment. This device works on your nervous system and helps to release any muscle tension that may be causing you pain. Because the activator gun is so small, it helps the doctor to better pinpoint and treat specific problem areas.


Will it hurt?

The short answer is no. The activator gun makes more of a noise than an impact. When the activator gun is used, you will hear a click and then you will feel a tap wherever the device is being held. Many patients prefer this method of adjustment over the old “snap, crackle, pop” methods. This is because the activator gun is less invasive and less likely to cause any pain.


Is this the only method used during adjustments?

Dr. Shelby uses a variety of techniques tailored to each patient’s individual needs. In addition to using the activator gun, Dr. Shelby uses stretching exercises and joint realignment. The important thing to remember is that your comfort is our top priority! We will not do anything that you are not comfortable with and we encourage you to ask us questions and share any concerns you may have. We are here to help!